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Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Dhaka and New York City

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A web interaction project that imagines a website as a destination. To visually portray the significance of cultural dissonance, and conceptualize the idea of one’s home transforming into a vacation spot in the process of moving away.

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This project is an exploration of typography and interaction. The project explores a poem ‘Land by Aga Shahid Ali’  that talks about the fluidity between a nation and the outside world. The typographical format of the poem illustrates diaspora through feelings of exile and loss of home. 

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This is a user generated website and archive I created for artists block. I created a specific mechanism where the user gets to create their own manifesto a potential guide for inspiration. This generates a personal manifesto for them based on specific rules they chose and then helps them navigate to other design manifestos depending on their personal manifesto.